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Become part of our new Community Garden Project


What do we want to do?spinach in garden

We would like to add a community garden to our campus “The Nex – Indawo Yethu. By planting fruit and vegetables in this individual garden sections we can not only give people the option of nourishing food but also the chance to earn a living. Because your donation will not only help fund the garden set up but also the training programme which forms an integral part of the project.

You have the option to purchase one or several garden sections of 4m² – each for $25 a year.





working in the gardenWhy do we see the need to extend?

We live in uncertain and difficult times – think Ukraine war and the aftermath of Covid-19 - which has a devastating effect especially for the African continent. Malnutrition, hunger, poverty and the numbers of HIV-positive new-borns are growing again. 
Thank the generosity of many supporters HOPE Cape Town was able to support many children, youth and families and to give a perspective. We would like to continue giving sustained hope to those, who suffer from malnutrition and poverty.





To establish and manage the community garden we ask you to contribute $25 per year. With this contribution we can support several people with home-grown food, as well as offering training.

In addition to the feeling of joy to be able to help and the certainty that you have send children to bed with a full tummy in the evening, your names will be included on request on the “Wall of Gratitude – Plant a Seed of HOPE”.


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Logo Plant A Seed